VS Code 推荐插件


插件 说明
Angular Language Service Angular 语言服务
Apollo GraphQL for VS Code Apollo GraphQL
Auto Close Tag 自动闭合标签
Auto Complete Tag 自动补全标签
Auto Rename Tag 自动重命名标签
Formatter extension for Visual Studio Code using autopep8 Python 代码格式化
Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack for Visual Studio Code 中文语言包
Code Runner 代码运行
Conventional Commits Conventional Commits
CSScomb CSScomb
Dart Dart
Debugger for Java Java 调试器
Dev Containers Dev Containers
Docker Docker
Dracula Official Dracula 主题
ES7+ React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets React 代码片段
ESLint ESLint
Extension Pack for Java Java 扩展包
GitHub Copilot GitHub Copilot
GitHub Pull Requests and Issues GitHub Pull Requests and Issues
GitHub Theme GitHub 主题
GitLens — Git supercharged GitLens
Gradle for Java Gradle
Import Cost Import Cost
indent-rainbow 缩进彩虹
IntelliCode IntelliCode
IntelliCode API Usage Examples IntelliCode API Usage Examples
Language Support for Java(TM) by Red Hat Java 语言支持
Live Server Live Server
Makefile Tools Makefile
Markdown All in One Markdown All in One
Markdown Preview Enhanced Markdown Preview Enhanced
Maven for Java Maven
PHP Server PHP Server
Prettier - Code formatter Prettier
Prettify JSON Prettify JSON
Project Manager for Java Java 项目管理器
Pylance Pylance
Python Python
Red Hat Dependency Analytics Red Hat Dependency Analytics
Remote - SSH SSH
Remote - SSH: Editing Configuration Files SSH 配置文件编辑
Remote - Tunnels SSH 端口转发
Remote Development 远程开发
Remote Explorer 远程资源管理器
REST Client REST Client
Tabnine: AI Code Completion Tabnine
Test Runner for Java Java 测试运行器
TODO Highlight TODO 高亮
VSCode Great Icons VSCode Great Icons
vscode-icons VSCode Icons
vscode-pdf PDF
Vue Language Features Vue 语言特性